We are currently in intense preparations to construct and test our unit involving detecting device based on hybrid pixel detector of Medipix2/Timepix type (developed at CERN) with USB interface (developed at IEAP CTU in Prague). Its design has been overviewed by ESA experts during the Preliminary Design Review at ESRANGE Training week, which ended on Friday 25th. Now we are working on our final Critical Design report.

We would like to measure and evaluate the optimal performance of the detector detecting gama Cosmic Rays and decay products in stratospheric radiation environment, particularly in energy range of interest 10-100 keV. This will be used for possible further observational usage. The flight opportunity on BEXUS stratospheric balloon was provided by Swedish National Space Board, Eurolaunch and ESA Education department.

The project leader will present the final experiment design at ECRS conference and at IAC in October, shortly before the scheduled flight campaign.