TRAINING WEEK (Rocket base Esrange in Kiruna, SWEDEN)

During April the whole team were invited to rocket base situated above the polar circle in Sweden to get to know place which will later serve as a base for launching our experiment to the stratosphere. Programme of this week was full of lectures how to handle with potential problems which may arise during subsequent construction of our device and testing procedures, tours of the whole complex of buildings there and some workshops concerning corporations which are interested in space physics. As well as other teams we introduced there our project and what is the main goal we want to achieve.
On this occasion we had prepared so-called Preliminary Design Review (PDR, linked on the right), which should have contained preliminary scheme of the project.

During the week we got to know a lot of interesting and very kind persons from the field of space physics. This week was for us contributing not only in scientific view...

...and the beautiful nature up there! :-)